Redis dumps parser and cli tool.


The easiest way to install rdbtools3 is by using the package on PyPi:

pip install rdbtools3

Source code

The project is hosted on GitHub and can be installed running following commands:

git clone https://github.com/popravich/rdbtools3.git
cd rdbtools3
python3 setup.py install

# optionally, run tests with
make test

Feel free to fork it and/or to report any found issues/ideas on bug tracker

Getting started

The simpliest way to start using tool:

from rdbtools3 import parse_rdb_stream

with open('/path/to/redis/dump.rdb', 'rb') as f:
   for item in parse_rdb_stream(f):
      print(item.key, item.value)

And on command line:

python3 -m rdbtools3 /path/to/redis/dump.rdb